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COVID-19 Message

These are unsettling times for everyone.

COVID-19 is definitely causing a huge impact to our personal lives, professional lives and our loved ones. ATCA-S would like to wish you and your loved ones a safe passage through this difficult period. Stay positive and immerse yourself with something new, fun or enriching. 

Take things one step at a time and we will overcome this together stronger than before!

With love,


It has happened to me. And if you’re reading this, chances are it will happened to you too.

It was truly a memorable learning experience and also an opportunity to reiterate knowledge that I have.
Nornaim Sufyan
Aerodrome Stream
It was truly a humbling experience to attend the APRM in Macau. I would highly recommend it to all controllers!
Lim De Wei
Area Stream
These events widened my knowledge and interest towards providing better air traffic service.
Dang Chun Kin
Aerodrome Stream
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