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58th IFATCA Annual Conference

The 58th IFATCA international annual conference will be held in Playa Conchal, Coasta Rica.

Travelling dates: 20th – 24th May 2019

Registration closed

Name Card Making

ATCA-S will be printing name cards for newly registered members and existing members that have yet to receive one.

For members who would want to print an extra set at  their own cost can fill up the link as well.

Printing will be done bi-annually,

Next cut off will be 25th June 2019

It has happened to me. And if you’re reading this, chances are it will happened to you too.

It was truly a memorable learning experience and also an opportunity to reiterate knowledge that I have.
Nornaim Sufyan
Aerodrome Stream
It was truly a humbling experience to attend the APRM in Macau. I would highly recommend it to all controllers!
Lim De Wei
Area Stream
These events widened my knowledge and interest towards providing better air traffic service.
Dang Chun Kin
Aerodrome Stream
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